As a small business owner, you should. Having a competent and brand inspiring web presence is a must have in today’s small business market. Did you know that 81% of all shoppers do online research before buying products? Most search via search engines, compare product prices, read product reviews, visit multiple stores and study product information before they buy. If you do not have a web site or worse, you paid a good chunk of change for your web site and no one can find it, you are far behind the eight ball. In fact, your competitors are taking your business from right under your nose. The web is not a joke, it’s not a fad or a phase that we are going through. Customers judge you and will judge you harshly and often unfairly for having a useless or non-existent web site.

But it really isn’t just about having a web site, is it?  There are marketing campaigns, social media, advertising funnels and email to think about.  All of these things work collectively with your web site to bring you business and many are cost effective solutions but are too complicated to figure out in the time a busy entrepreneur has to dedicate to it all.  Here are a few things you should look for when selecting a web designer.

Can you reach the designer directly?

Are they providing a custom look and feel or is it a limited design unless you are a tech expert?  Have they used the word template?

Will they or anyone else advertise on your site?

Will you be able to edit your content directly? If not, what do they charge for content editing should you need it?

Are they upfront about their process and what it takes to get up and running online?

Do they make it seem too easy? It really isn’t.  There is probably a reason for that which involves a quick buck for them.

Do they charge extra for services that of course you need (such as a way to buy your product online)

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